Discussion Guide: The Revolution Where You Live

Do you want to use The Revolution Where You Live in a book club, a faith group, or for political discussion? You can download this free Discussion Guide and print as many copies as you need. Or share this link with others in your group.

The guide is a great way to spark meaningful conversation about deep change where you live. Get your copy here, and spread the word!

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The guide comes in eight sections, so you can choose what you want to talk about. Or, you can go through the entire guide, drawing on your knowledge of your own community along with the stories from the book.

  • Your story
  • Your community
  • Being an ally
  • Your environment
  • Fighting isolation
  • The economy
  • Racism
  • Next steps

And we’re thrilled that YES! Magazine is offering five-packs of The Revolution Where You Live at a deep discount to make it easy for groups to read it together.

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Special Offer for Teachers

Teachers: The Revolution Where You Live and the stories of people making a difference in their communities may inspire your students to be change-makers, too.

If you’re considering this book for your course or curriculum, click here for a free review copy. And you can download a free teachers’ discussion guide here.


We’d love to hear about your experiences with the Discussion Guide! Send us a note at info@RevolutionWhereYouLive.org. And if you would like the author to meet with your group via phone or Skype, you can reach her here.

Find more resources on local power at YES! Magazine, www.yesmagazine.org, and here at Revolution Where You Live.

Discussion Guide courtesy of RevolutionWhereYouLive.org and YES! Magazine.